Kansas City International Airport Airline Information

KCI Airport Airline - Terminal

The following links and phone numbers are based on the most current information available. Please confirm terminals with your airline.

Air Canada - 800-221-6903 - A
AirTran Airways - 800-247-8726 - B
Alaskan Airlines - 800-252-7522 - B
America Airlines - 800-433-7300 - C
Delta - 800-221-1212 - B
Frontier - 800-432-1359 - C
Southwest Airlines - 800-435-9792 - B
United Airlines - 800-241-6522 - A/C
US Airways - 800-428-4322 - A

Additional contact information for each airline can be found on their respective website.

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Incase of flight delays or flight cancellation please contact the respective airline.

Kansas City International Airport Terminal Map

MCI passenger terminals have a unique structure comprising 3 terminals in the shape of rings. Each ring has short term parking in the center of the ring. Thus, it is possible for a traveler to park, walk no more than a hundred feet, and go directly to their gate.

MCI Airport Terminal Map